Graffiti Protective Coatings, Inc.
is currently one of the largest graffiti removal companies in the United States. GPC invests heavily in research and development to adjust to the changing needs of our customers.

Due to the high volume of graffiti incidents cleaned daily GPC has developed new methods to handle the documentation. (Daily administrative tasks include: work order management, routing technichians to work sites, documenting square footage and cleaning methods and preparing detailed reports and billing to customers.) Most recently many customers expressed the need to better track incidents of graffiti for law enforcement purposes.  

Target Graffiti™ combines the very latest cutting edge technologies of GPS and wireless communications into an all-in-one solution offering real-time web based work order management with real-time graffiti tracking.

GPC Services are not required to be purchased to obtain the Target Graffiti system.

Target Graffiti™


Four sides of the application:
    1. GPC Admin Staff
    2. City/County Staff
    3. Technician (from field access)
    4. City/County Law Enforcement Tracking access

Real-time web based access and administration of work orders

Secure login and access

Hosted on dedicated / mirrored GPC servers

Real-time notification of new work orders to technicians in the field

Real-time GPS tagged photo uploading

Abilitiy to create zones within city or county boundaries

Ability to assign certain technicians to specific zones

In the field access for technicians to enter work order details and upload photos in real-time from     hand held iPhone device and Target Graffiti™ app

Real-time tracking, mapping and reporting for law enforcement
System can be modified for all Public Works and Code Enforcement activities

Target Graffiti™

All-in-One Solution for work order management and graffiti tracking

Minimizes administrative tasks and data entry associated with work order management

Going Green - reduces paper output of graffiti incident reporting. No more handwritten graffiti     removal reports by technicians or excess data entry by County staff

Real-time web based database administration for instantaneous access by County Staff, Field     Technicians and Law Enforcement

Eliminates the need to download photos from digital cameras or other devices and transfer to     CDs or other external media

Automatically GPS tags locations for automatic mapping and tracing

No Hidden Extra Administrative Costs. No extra costs to enter data and upload photos. No "per     photo" charges to our customers

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