Graffiti Protective Coatings, Inc. (GPC) is a graffiti abatement company. The founders of GPC, who were students at University of Southern California, had researched and improved upon various graffiti removal techniques and products from around the world after having created an award winning business plan for an entrepreneur class. GPC was then created and the University became the company’s first significant client.

The company centered on a formula of constant research and development in techniques, equipment, and products as well as a highly skilled well paid labor force of problem solving, ever improving, and self motivated individuals. GPC has stayed true to its business plan. Its products, equipment, and techniques are the most advanced in the industry. Staff expertise, consistency, and professionalism continue to grow.

GPC’s equipment set-up is designed exclusively for graffiti abatement. GPC’s proprietary methods and products are vastly superior to all industry standards. Field staff is trained thoroughly in all graffiti removal techniques and situations. Office staff customizes and develops sophisticated yet user-friendly data compilation for the customers. Management understands communication, priorities, follow through, and the importance of exceeding the customer’s expectations.

GPC has extensive dealings with large government agencies and understands processes, procedures, work volume, documentation, and invoicing requirements associated with these customers. GPC can handle graffiti contracts of all sizes.

GPC can remove graffiti from any surface leaving no trace of graffiti, and our skilled and efficient personnel can perform these tasks at an extremely fast speed. GPC standards include 24 hour 7 day a week availability, 98% minimum color match quality, 1 hour or less response to emergency service requests, proactive zero-tolerance patrols, and always exceeding the specifications of the scope of work.

GPC has over 1,000 public and private clients.


California State Contractor’s License #: 672447


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